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Community Engagement and Applied Learning

UNCW has numerous educational opportunities available to the public beyond our traditional academic degree programs. UNCW's Office of Community Engagement and Applied Learning (OCEAL) creates opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community partners to engage in community-based learning and scholarship; and to support, leverage and build applied learning activities. 

OCEAL works with the following UNCW outreach units to provide access to inclusive and diverse leadership and learning experiences: 

  • Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations - offering training for nonprofit professionals and board members
  • Center for Social Impact - conducting interdisciplinary research with community partners, collaborating with nonprofit, public, and for-profit sector organizations, and educating students through applied learning experiences in collective pursuit of healthier and more equitable communities
  • Office of Arts - bringing inspirational cultural programming to the campus community, as well as the larger region, further enhancing the university's commitment to student and community engagement
  • Office of Applied Learning - providing students with a variety of impactful, hands-on learning opportunities and experiences to expand the boundaries of their university experience

You can allocate your gift to any of these areas during UNCW’s Seahawks Give, or support the Office of the Arts, by visiting their page

Your support will help us connect UNCW’s knowledge and resources with those of the public and private sector as we strive to contribute to the economic growth, and quality of life, across our region, nation and world.

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